When I used to run Enlightenment Intensives, I had had quite a few people who contacted me, after having several peak experiences. Peak experiences can be of various kinds and can give different impressions to one’s psyche, depending on their personality and constitution.

Some of them, the ones that I chose to work with, were curious about their experience and they wanted to understand it better. Others, the ones that I don’t work with are so certain about their experience, the uniqueness of it and the only thing they want in to like permanently in it. They want to live in a fantasy of the past and they guard it not unlike wounded animals that will not allow someone to take the sharp object off their flesh and treat their wound.

A Glimpse of Truth is, most of the time, escorted by peak experiences, mainly caused by the release of psycho-emotional charge, either alone, or (most probably) associated with energy currents running in specific channels. Genuine glimpses of Truth, can cause many things, but Truth Itself is much simpler.

I have met people (including spiritual teachers), who wanted to have, again, exactly, the same experience and make it permanent.
Sometimes, this is masked as a “crusade for Truth”. Most of the time these persons want to cling into a specific part of their experience, in order to avoid other parts of their day to day experience and they believe that by making their peak experience “permanent”, they will be able to avoid the unpleasant part of everyday life. This is a disastrous road and the only way out is for the person to understand this game.

There is another category of people, who, after having a direct experience of Truth, they deeply intuit that this is what they have been looking for in all their life and, as a consequence, they are placed on the Spiritual Path.

These are two very distinct kinds of seekers and two very distinct kinds of seeking. In the first case, seeking is “dirty”, as the seeker is deluded, in the way that i describe in “Happiness Can Never Be Found”. In the second case we see, (perhaps) the only kind of seeking that, with the right attitude, can escape the viscous cycle, created by “dirty” seeking.

When things get more clear about Truth and Its nature, searching and investigating about the Truth, is the only exception to this vicious cycle of setting, chasing and achieving goals. Truth is goal-less, innocent, self-existent and self-evident.
Truth has nothing to prove,  to expect, to add, or improve, hence no goal. These very characteristics of Truth start to infuse the mind (and body!) of the Truth-seeker, who becomes a Truth-finder and then a Truth-lover.

The Truth-seeker has a deep intuition about It, the Truth-finder has some good taste of It and the Truth-Lover, cannot help him/herself but living for It and as It. He/she first understands that happiness comes from It and only It, then that happiness is It and finally that He/She is It.

In the begging there is confusion about the goal (Truth) and the means of achieving it. Then there is and intensified chasing. If this is fruitful it leads to causeless serene enjoyment.

Realizing Truth is, perhaps, the best “thing” that can happen in your life.

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