The Evolutionary Force: A means to develop beyond post-modernism


Rewire your mind, rewire your body and achieve your Soul’s purpose, by tuning into the Evolutionary Force.

Many people come to me (my private practice) nowadays, not knowing what to do in their lives. Not feeling like having a specific purpose, a specific call, a specific direction. This aperspectival madness is a common factor in the western postmodern, pluralistic word.

People are trying to fit in groups. Groups of going to the same places, groups that listen to the same music, groups that have specific political orientation. Even groups that have the same brand of mobile phones.

It is natural for people to feel safe and to feel that they belong somewhere. It soothes the loneliness and kind of patches the gap created by living in a world with no specific values, having transcended the traditional idealized ideas of country, religion, job and family.

This is a necessary step that one need to make in order to go to the next level. There is no greater ally in making this step, other than the Evolutionary Force that lies within each human being.

It is this force that catapults us to further growth and development, while at the same time, having us firmly established, to the previous stage of development and also to “the Ground of all Being”, as some spiritual traditions put it.

It is this very Force that not only allows, guides and support our developmental journey in an individual, microcosmic level, but also directs the macrocosmic evolutionary journey of humanity.

Some talk about universal laws that govern the totality of the manifested reality. Being an ex-lawyer myself, I do not like the term “laws”. It implies that some “wise” guys sat and wrote a form of constitution full of regulations that “the universe” follows. I prefer to think of those things, like universal patterns, or habits. Like unseen motifs of workings that hold the structure of “reality” together and also, in their own pace create the way for further evolution.

It is astonishing, how by just contemplating how nature works, even on very simple ways, one can have an understanding of different mechanics of reality. I tend to think that things are just happening and that these happenings shape the manifested forms from the subtlest to the grossest. The happening of heavy rainfall creates channels that drain the water in the ground. These channels, unless by another smoothed out by another intervention stay there and next time the rain falls, the water will have an easier passage, developing more in its journey.

Similarly, our brain created neural pathways by neurons that fire together. Perhaps you have heard of the slogan “neurons that fire together wire together”. This way, literal ditches and channels are made in the brain, like the ones made on the ground by rainfall and every new stimulus further strengthens them.

From a psychological point of view, emotional and behavioural patterns are created, that consist our psychological makeup, forming a sense of how we are, your likes and dislikes, values, interpretation and if one is very identified by them, forming a sense of who we are, as well.

It is a subject of philosophical dispute, whether the world has been created and evolving but accident, by random events or if there is a degree of intelligence, in how things happen. I tend to feel that the latter makes more sense for me.

How does the Evolutionary Force come into play? Well, it is by this very force that the patterns were created, in the first place. It is by this force that they can change. This force releases the entangled emotions, thoughts and sensations, giving the neurons the chance to rewire in a different, more beneficial way. That also means that more energy is freed from the psychological complexes and motifs.

The more one is attuned with this Evolutionary Force, not only more entanglements will be released, but the energy freed up will be directed by this very Force itself. This Force has the intelligence to shape, destroy, reshape and guide into the evolutionary journey. It will not only contribute to the development of the individual through the various common developmental stages of humanity, but it will also make one develop emotionally by clearing old traumas and unhealthy patterns of relating and most importantly will help one develop Spiritually, dissolving the ignorance of who and what one is, as well as the sense of being separate. It will help one grow up, clean up and wake up, as the philosopher Ken Wilber puts it.

It is very natural, for those who are working seriously with this Force, to start and surrendering more to Her, by evolving from egocentric to universal way of relating. As the egoic structures are getting more loose and new ones are formed in accordance with the developmental paradigm, one’s circle of interest broadens from me/myself to me and my family/country to the whole world, to the whole universe.

This will happen naturally anyway and for everyone. However, if one is called to it, there is no nobler endeavour than identifying with that Force, dissolving ones self in Her and keep progressing in their life as It.

This is a great way to heal and evolve individuality and by this contribute to the healing and evolving collectively. We are in the verge of the postmodern era. According to some developmentalists, in order for the collective of humanity to grow into the next level a 10% of the world’s population need to reach that level. Same thing happened then the collective grew to the modern stage, around the time of the French revolution and when it grew to the post-modern stage around the 60s. Today, 5% has already reached to the next level. When 10% reaches it, it is expected that there will be a great shift in how humans operate. There should be an immediate social shift in terms of war, famine, environmental destruction, economic domination, as well as a psychoemotional and spiritual shift, where human being will reach higher potentials.

Are you in for this extraordinary journey? Would you like to belong to the avant garde of the individuals who will help humanity evolve? Well, just hope in by attuning yourself with the Evolutionary Force and educate yourself into the Integral worldview.

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