Take off your clothes


Guru’s Shakti is a rare blessing. It is a constant transmission of Divinity. It radiates, reaching in the world but is not of this world. It can heal broken hearts and calm the storms of the wavy minds. It even alters brain function and the way the nervous system works.

For this to happen, there must be sensitivity, openness and vulnerability on the receiving end. Walking into the rain, in a full body condom won’t make you wet at all, even if you stand under a waterfall. Depending on the clothes you wear, you will experience the rain in a different manner. Being naked will have the most impact.

I have witnessed events where there were major downpours of Grace taking place and people were missing that completely, intellectualizing about “spiritual matters”. This has been shocking to watch. It is as if they were super busy begging for coins, ignoring the money bills that were falling from the sky.

In order to progress one needs to be naked in the presence of the Guru. That is, the inner Guru, or its reflection, which appears as the outer Guru. Being naked has nothing to do with wearing or not wearing clothes on your physical body. Being naked is a psychological stance. It’s a stance of vulnerability, of inner reflection, of willing to be transparent and honest with and to oneself. It is a state of being fully open and surrender to whatever arises moment by moment.

It is this psychological nakedness that lets the warmth of the Spiritual Sun to reach the skin of the subtle body. It is the transparency thank makes the subtle body conductive, so that the spiritual rays reach the subtle heart, making it blossom.

One needs to be brave in this process as all sorts of wounding and conditioning comes up. Rejections, projections, introjections, emotional trauma, even physical trauma starts to play out. Unresolved stuff arises. Incomplete circles are bumping to each other, rushing in the que, getting in the line for completion.

This is the evolutionary process, where every individual aspect of existence purifies itself, evolves and finally dissolves itself to its Source.

The theatrical stage is empty again. No actors, no props. Lights are off. Until the next show, which will be created out of this darkness.

First there will be light. Then props. Then actors. Then nothing again.

But what made the whole thing appear and disappear?

That’s Shakti. That’s God in motion. That’s prior to the light, but manifests as, Light, illuminating our minds, Life, running our bodies, and Love, the agent of communion and the mother of all emotions.

The whole process can be painful. I guess that the caterpillar feels pain as it is transformed into a butterfly. I guess that the seed feels pain as it pops. I guess that until the sprout makes it through the ground, to the open air and to the warms of the sun, there’s a process of agony and death. It will either pop, or it will wither and rot, for good. It will either sprout and reach the air and the sun, or it will die trying.

Once it will make it above ground, Life will stretch it into different shapes and it will keep growing. Life will stretch it. Life will make it grow. That can be painful and beautiful. That can have a meaning or no meaning. Whoever is in contact with it will make a meaning, will make a story out of it. Others might make other stories out of this first story, or not. This can be the rose that you bring to your first date, or the weed that you stepped on while jogging. The fact remains, that the seed is there and the sun it there too. And that Life happens anyway. With no preference.

Coming full circle, Guru’s Shakti is no different than God’s Shakti. No different to God. No different to Life. It happens anyway. There are seeds who feel it and want to grow and blossom. There are seeds who never make it, because they cannot break their insulation and if they do so and become sprouts, they never make it to the open air as thy don’t listen to the Sun’s radiating guidance. There are also sprouts which just burn.

A good Guru will give nurturing support but won’t let one burn. A good disciple lets the guard down and receives this support. A good disciple always asks for guidance. They ask questions. A good disciple makes contact with the Guru inside and outside.

In reality, there is no Guru nor disciple, no in or out, but, until this becomes an experiential reality, one better be a good disciple and better be found by a good Guru.

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