David Tisserand

After asking a set of precise and profound questions, Tasos told me that the Shaktipat session was about to begin, he put on beautiful music and asked me to close my eyes. In the next second, I felt a strong emotion arising and submerging me and I immediately began to cry for what seemed more

David Tisserand | Paris | October 2021 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Initiation)

Χάρης Κακαρούχας

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Χάρης Κακαρούχας | Online | Οκτώβριος 2020 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Initiation)

Nikos Tsoumas

Since I wanted to work with kundalini and having read some hideous stories, from time to time, I contacted Tasos. What impressed me was his solid knowledge as well as the peace and love he was emanating. With ways simple to understand and always being close, he gave me the opportunity to experience a hot

Nikos Tsoumas | Athens | February 2019 | Shaktipat Initiation

Monika Köstler

I am Monika – the wife of Dieter – and during our short coincidental meeting with Tasos I experienced him as a confident teacher with profound knowledge about the kundalini process. During his very personally talk I looked several times in his eyes and I could feel much love in it. On the next day

Monika Köstler | Austria | September 2018 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Initiation)

Dieter Sengschmitt

During our holiday in Greece my wife and I coincidentally met Tasos. We got Shaktipat from him and had an interesting talk about the Divine Mother and Kundalini Shakti. During this meeting, especially during Tasos narrative about Kundalini Shakti I could gradually more and more feel that Kundalini Shakti has been an important part during

Dieter Sengschmitt | Austria | September 2018 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Initiation)

Louise Bielste

I experienced great relaxation, a very soft and loving energy and a somewhat “dizzy” feeling in my head. I started to feel warmth spreading. The sensation was similar to one I experience at home during winter time. I have a very cold flat and have therefore placed an electric heat-blanket in my sofa, and the

Louise Bielste | Stockholm | January 2019 | Wake Up! (Shakipat Initiation)

Louise Bielste

“I am stuck in duality” I said to Tasos, feeling somewhat “lost” since I had been very committed to my practices but somehow seemed to have reached a plateau. “Then lets unstuck you”, he responded with his warm smile…. And “unstuck” I became, through an inquiry session where we moved back and forth between a

Louise Bielste | Stockholm | January 2019 |Wake Up! (Individual Self-Inquiry session)

George Lamprousis

Although a bit hesitant in the beginning, I went to the workshop. Even though I went for reasons other than the theme of the workshop, I experienced the most “magical” experience of my life, which unfortunately cannot be described in words. Tasos, thank you for

George Lamprousis | Athens | January 2017 | Wake Up! (Group Self-Inquiry session)

Nektarios Panopoulos

An exquisite workshop A special moment The totality of Lankavatara sutra in one experience. Well done Tasos! With love and

Nektarios Panopoulos | Athens | January 2017 | Wake Up! (Spiritual Intensive)

Kelly Kouloumoundra

This was one of the most “potent” workshops I have ever been to. My mind which is usually overactivated, completely stopped. I was in a state of complete wellness, something between asleep and awake. I could not make any thoughts, I was on auto-pilot. Tasos’s words were coming to my ears like from another dimension.

Kelly Kouloumoundra | Athens | June 2017 | Wake Up! (Spiritual Intensive)

Poppie Charalambidou

I haven’t had my spine “stretched” for 20 years on a straight surface, because of kyphoscoliosis. I also have a hernia for some time that doesn’t allow me to lay down for more that 1-2 minutes because I couldn’t breathe. And I experienced the miracle. During one hour, which was the duration of the workshop,

Poppie Charalambidou | Athens | April 2018 | Wake Up! & Clean Up! (Spirit Infusion)

Goran Karna

I have known Tasos for almost 5 years and i know how much he has strived towards finding the truth and the enlightenment. Recently, I had 3 Kundalini sessions with Tasos and i have realized how broad his understanding of reality and life is. Also, i have realized that he is able to help me

Goran Karna | Croatia | July 2020 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Initiation)

Walter Singer

Walter Singer | Austria | November 2017 | Wake Up! (Jnana Drishti)

Kyriakos Karampatziakis

Kyriakos Karampatziakis | Athens | June 2020 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Intensive)

Κατερίνα Θαλασσά

Κατερίνα Θαλασσά | Γερμανία | Απρίλιος 2018 | Wake Up! (Individual Self-Inquiry session)

Stephania Papadopoulos

Stephania Papadopoulos | New York | August 2017 | Wake Up! (Individual Self-Inquiry session)

Γιάννα Λίτση

Γιάννα Λίτση | Ζάκυνθος | Οκτώβριος 2018 | Wake Up! (Individual Self-Inquiry session)

Φωτειάννα Λινάρδου

Φωτειάννα Λινάρδου | Αθήνα | Οκτώβριος 2020 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Intensive)

Olivier Rouiller

Olivier Rouiller | France | February 2021 | Clean Up! (Individual session with Shakti!)

Χάρης Κακαρούχας

Χάρης Κακαρούχας | Online | Οκτώβριος 2020 | Wake Up! (Shaktipat Initiation)

Stelios Andreadis

Stelios Andreadis | Online | May 2021 | Wake Up! (Individual and group sessions)

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