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S I Process

“S I Process”, or “Super-Integral Process”, by Tasos Nakis, is a crucible and an extract. A factor of transformative freedom. A relationship and a way to, “Wake up!”, “Clean Up!”, “Grow Up!” and “Show Up”! Informed by, the Perennial Wisdom of East and West, modern psychology and neuroscience, as well as the work of Zivorad M. Slavinski and Ken Wilber.

Wake Up!

Clean Up!

Grow Up!

Show Up!


Tasos Nakis

Tasos has a daily practice of serving people, by helping them resolve their problems, whether they are of spiritual, emotional or physical nature.

For doing this, which he truly loves, he left a very promising career as a criminal lawyer.

After the Realization of his True Nature, he understood that this is the most valuable and noble pursuit one can aim for.

Therefore, what he enjoys the most, is helping people Realize their True Nature, while being fully immersed into life.

He believes that the root cause of every problem we experience, as individuals, and, consequently, as a collective, is the illusory felt sense of separation, that gives us the experience of being a separate entity, disconnected and alienated from ourselves, the world and others.

He also believes that the restοration of this misunderstanding, is the only way for human beings to live in true Wisdom, perfect Happiness and unshakable Peace. This is both the pinnacle and the birthright of the human experience. It is the natural consequence of Gnosis, the Realization of Who and What one is.

Although he has been a practitioner and lineage holder of various Spiritual and Initiatory traditions of the East and the West, he prefers to keep things simple and spontaneous, showing up as the living Tradition, instead of being constricted in any dogma or framework.

He lives a family life, which is sometimes ordinary, sometimes extraordinary, as he sees no other way, than living and celebrating with whatever comes up.


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